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Tips for Parents with Back-to-School Blues

If you have little ones who you are sending off to school for the first time, or maybe this is their second, third or fourth year of school, it can be difficult. Most people try not to focus on themselves when it’s time to send their kids back to school, but for many parents with little ones, this time of the year can be emotional and somewhat sad. While we enjoy watching our kids grow and experience new things, we don’t necessarily like seeing them “grow up” and that’s exactly what they are doing when they begin school. They aren’t those little babies we carried around for so long wearing the cute little dresses or vest sets we picked out for them. Now, they’re growing up and starting to experience new situations on their own, as well as get their own opinions, without mom or dad.

Therefore, it’s completely normal for parents of young children to get the back-to-school blues too. This is especially true for parents who are able to stay at home for their children. It can be quite a shock for these parents when they walk into an empty, and silent, house for that first week (or month) after school starts. So, how can parents help get rid of the back-to-school blues?

Allow yourself a good cry. It’s okay to feel sad when you send your little one off to school. Once your little one is out of sight and you are able to get away from everyone for a bit, allow yourself to cry. Crying is actually good for you, believe it or not. It’s a way for your body to release emotions that are building up. Once you’re able to release all these emotions, you will find it easier to focus on other things and…