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Flower Girl Dresses in Spring

As we move into the new year, many of us are beginning to look forward in anticipation of Spring and the warmer weather it brings. With all of the beautiful changes that occur throughout spring (in nature), it is only natural for many couples to make the decision to get married during this wonderful season. While spring is a great time for new beginnings to take place, it can be a little tricky for brides to prepare for, especially when they begin thinking about the little ones in their wedding. Below are a few tips for brides to consider when choosing the flower girl’s attire for their spring weddings.

Wedding Venue – The top thing to think about in regards to the flower girl in a spring wedding is the wedding’s venue. Where will the wedding take place? For example, if the wedding is going to be held in a small church, brides need to think about how much room the flower girl will have to move around. If the aisle is narrow and there isn’t much standing room at the front of the church, then it would make sense for a flower girl to wear a dress with a simple skirt. However, if the aisles are wide and space isn’t an issue, brides should feel free to choose a dress with a full skirt for their flower girls, if that is what they desire. Weather – Brides-to-be should also take into consideration the type of weather they most likely will encounter on their wedding day when choosing their flower girls’ dresses. This is especially true for brides trying to plan outdoor spring weddings. Brides who live in colder climates, may want to find dresses with matching bolero jackets so their flower girls don’t get cold and, subsequently, sick. However,…