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Tips for Flying with Kids during the Holidays

For many people, the holidays mean spending time with family and/or friends that they don’t get see very often. In a lot of these cases, people are forced to fly with their children in order to spend time with their loved ones at the holidays. While the time we spend with our family and friends during the holidays is treasured, the plane ride with the kiddos generally isn’t part of the holiday excitement. Below are a few tips that will help reduce the drama that often associates holiday flying with kids.

Pay a little extra for a non-stop flight. If it is possible to get a non-stop flight to your destination, then do it! If you have young children at home then you understand how difficult it can be to get them adjusted from one situation to another and yet another in a matter of a few hours, which is exactly what you have to do when you switch planes during a layover. The stress that you will save yourself (and your kids) is often worth the extra money non-stop flights cost. Pack a few days in advance. If you wait until the last minute to pack your family’s bags for a holiday trip, you will most likely be frantic and forget something important – like Lucy’s special occasion dress that’s to be worn at the holiday dinner party, for example. Therefore, eliminate this worry and pack everyone’s bags at least three days before the flight so you have plenty of time to remember anything that might have been forgotten. Explain what will happen at the airport. An airport can be a scary place for little children who have never flown before, especially with all the new security procedures. So, take the time to sit down with your kids and…