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Tips for Teaching Young Girls Modesty

If you are the parent of a young girl, then you are probably dreading the day she is old enough to date. After all, you were once a teenager and know the types of things that can (will) go through kids’ minds when they reach this age. While you can’t prevent your daughter from growing up and dating, you can help her value modesty which will help her make better decisions when she starts the dating process. Below are a few tips for teaching your little girl about modesty.

Focus on Your Daughter. More than likely you know parents with daughters who get caught up in the “thrill” of shopping. You might even find it astonishing that girls as young as 2 or 3 have opinions regarding the clothes (and accessories) that they wear. While your little one will develop opinions of her own, part of teaching modesty is teaching your daughter that clothes do not make a person. To do this, focus on your daughter (her interests, achievements, etc.) more than you do the clothes she wears. Dress Modestly Yourself. The most influential woman in a young girl’s life is her mother. Your daughter will learn a number of things from you such as how to treat others, how to cook and clean and how to dress. If you dress provocatively on a regular basis then your daughter will think this is how she needs to dress, regardless of her age. However, if you dress modestly, then your daughter will lean towards more modest clothes as she grows. Set the Rules. Finally, remember that you are the parent and at the end of the day, your children need to respect your opinions and values. If your daughter comes down the stairs wearing something you feel is inappropriate, you have…