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Girls Holiday Fashion 2018

As I am writing this blog post, I’m thinking about everything that I have to do tonight with my little guys as today is Halloween. So, you may think it’s a little odd that I’m writing a blog post about holiday fashion on Halloween, but the truth is that the holiday season actually starts in less than four weeks with Thanksgiving! And then, you have only got about four more weeks until Christmas is here…so, now is the time to start thinking about girls’ 2012 holiday fashion – if you want to be prepared when the holidays are really here!

As a mother of two little boys, I feel like I miss out a little because I don’t have all the options available to me that the mothers of girls do when it comes to shopping for clothes. However, I still love looking through the racks of little girls’ clothing…especially holiday formal wear for little girls! The fun thing about formal wear for girls is that there are so many options for you and your little one.

Colors – Girls have the ability to wear literally ANY color they want, which makes clothes shopping even more fun. However, around the holidays there are several colors that you really want to look for in a holiday dress. These include: red, burgundy, black, gold, silver and white. Navy blue and purple can also work as holiday dress colors too.

This year, we have a few dresses containing a lot of silver, which is a new concept for holiday dresses as the silver in previous holiday dresses is usually in the form of small accents. Purchasing a silver holiday dress for your little one will definitely make a beautiful holiday statement!

Lace – If you are not sold on the idea of a…