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When to Shop for the Best Deals on Clothing

As parents, one of the things we constantly find ourselves doing is buying clothes for our children. For most of us, it seems like our kids grow out of the clothes we buy them within a few weeks of the initial purchase. This makes it hard to find the best deals on clothing because when our kids outgrow something, like a pair of jeans, we have to get another pair as soon as possible. However, if you are able to plan ahead (just a little) and know when the best time to shop for clothing is, then you will be able to catch some of the best clothing deals!

  • Shop at the End of the Season. While a lot of parents have heard this tip before, not a lot of them actually put it into practice. It’s a shame because this is one of the best ways to save a ton of money on your kids’ clothing. All you need to do is wait until the end of the season and shop the clearance racks for clothing your kids can wear next year at this time
    For instance, winter is coming up. Every year I wait until the end of winter (late February/early March) to shop for winter coats for my kids. Last year, I happened to find a nice coat that was originally $60 on sale for $8. It was a 4T instead of a 3T, so now my son will be able to wear that coat this winter
  • Wait Until a Few Days before a Major Holiday. This may sound a little contradictory to the advice just given, but it only applies to holiday outfits that you plan to purchase from a LOCAL retailer. If you want to find the best deal on Christmas dresses for your little ones, then wait until a few days before Christmas to go shopping for it. Yes, it may be crowded and you may have fewer choices, but because most people shop ahead of time, you will most likely find some awesome deals.
    Now, remember that this is only for local retailers. If you prefer to shop online, you need to begin shopping for holiday outfits a month to six weeks in advance. You will naturally find better deals online as online retailers have to keep their prices lower than local retailers in order to stay competitive. However, you have to allow time to get the outfits in and altered if necessary. Therefore, DO NOT wait until the last minute to shop for great clothing deals when ordering online
  • Use Social Media to Your Advantage. I know, this one probably sounds a little out of place, right? After all we are trying to find the best deals on clothing, not learn how to tweet correctly. Right! Believe it or not, the majority of your favorite stores have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. When you connect with them through these social media outlets, you’ll receive regular updates from them…most of the time these updates are coupons that can be used either online, in-store or both!
    Additionally, there are a number of people who have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts specifically for the purpose of providing their readers with the best online/offline deals available. Just do a quick search for “coupons, moms and coupons, etc.” and you’ll get some hits. Follow and/or “like” these people and you will be surprised at all the deals you’ll be able to take advantage of. And, the best part about this one is that there isn’t any “special” time you have to do it. The deals come in daily, so anytime is great!

A Few Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

As you have most likely already noticed, the holidays are going to be here before we know it. While this time of the year is a lot of fun, it can also become a big headache with everything that goes on. However, the tips below will help you reduce your holiday stress so you can thoroughly enjoy everything the holidays have to offer you and your family.

  • Decide on the “Must Do’s” – In America, there have been so many holiday traditions started that it’s nearly impossible to do them all. For instance, picking out a Christmas tree, hanging lights on the house, sending holiday cards, buying gifts for everyone in the family (and friends), hosting one or two holiday parties, attending annual parties hosted by friends, baking holiday dinners and/or treats and the list goes on and on
    This year, sit down with your family and decide on what activities truly make the holidays special for you. Then, make those activities your priority this holiday season. Learn to say “no” to the other less important things and you will be able to really enjoy the season
  • Get Shopping Done Early – Sure, you can catch some great sales by waiting until the last minute to do your holiday shopping, but is the stress really worth it? If you do not have a high tolerance for stress then get your holiday shopping done before the first week of December. This includes everything from gifts to formalwear for the kids. Get it done early and then sit back and enjoy the season doing other, more important things with your family
  • Stay Away from the Grinch – We all know someone who is a Grinch around the holidays. These are the people who always find something to complain about and bring everyone’s mood down as a result. During the holiday season, stay away from these people! The last thing you want is to be put in a bad mood because you’ve spent an hour talking to the Grinch. This will undoubtedly rub off on your family and the day will be ruined, not to mention, your stress level will rise too. So, keep company with only happy, upbeat people this holiday season if you want a joyful holiday season this year!

Should I hire a wedding planner?

As you are aware, it is already the middle of June and right in the middle of wedding season. While some of you are only a few months, weeks or days away from your wedding day, there are many more people who are just beginning to plan their big day. If this is the case for you, then more than likely you’ve got a thousand thoughts running through your mind right now. So, how in the world are you supposed to stay organized and make it through the wedding?

While it may seem daunting, there is actually a solution for brides who need help staying organized during the wedding planning. The answer is to hire a qualified wedding coordinator. Many brides feel that wedding coordinators are too expensive and don’t take the time to involve the bride (and her mother) in making important decisions. However, these two issues are not true.

When you take the time to interview several local wedding coordinators, you will find that their rates vary greatly and they won’t “blow” your budget. In addition, good wedding planners keep the bride involved in every step of planning the wedding. The only goal of a wedding planner is to make sure every wedding detail is addressed in an organized manner. Wedding planners meet with the bride at various times throughout the engagement to make decisions about the wedding in an orderly fashion. This ensures that everything is covered and nothing gets overlooked.

Wedding planners are well worth the money, especially for brides who become easily stressed and worry constantly. These professionals know how to keep brides relaxed by helping them stay focused on one thing at a time…until every minute detail has been addressed. Therefore, if you are just starting the process of planning your wedding and are feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring a wedding planner.

Another great tip for reducing wedding stress is to get the formalwear shopping done for the flower girls and ring bearers early. All you need to do is to visit KidsFormal.com and browse through our vast selection of dresses, tuxes and suits and find the styles you like best. Then, send an email with the Kidsformal.com link with the product numbers of the styles you liked best to your wedding coordinator – or the mothers of the little ones in your wedding.

Finding formalwear for the little ones in your wedding isn’t difficult, and is easy to do. So, why not get it checked off your list early? You’ll find the clothing at KidsFormal.com to be high-quality and affordable also. And, right now, we are offering free shipping on all orders – so hurry on over today!


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