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The Brilliance of Fuchsia

The world is full of color. Everywhere you look you see color of some kind, and each color, whether you realize it or not, invokes some type of thought or emotion within you. For example, have you ever wondered what it is about the color yellow that makes you wish it was springtime? Or, why does the color white bring thoughts of summer weddings? Colors do not just spark various thoughts within us, but also emotions. For instance, red can make us feel loved, while gray can make us feel down in the dumps.

Since colors have the power to spark immediate emotions within us, it isn’t any wonder that within seconds of looking at a particular color we instantly make a determination as to whether or not we like it. However, there are some colors out there that are unique and give us pause. Fuchsia is such a color. Think of a beautiful fuchsia flower girl dress.  It is neither pink nor purple, but a brilliant combination of the two. People who dislike pink, purple or both have been known to fall in love with fuchsia. It’s a stunning color that is both bold and mellow, and leaves its audience entranced with its brilliance. You can make any occasion both stunning and beautiful just by adding small accents of the color fuchsia!…