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Silver: A Timeless Color

Silver is a sleek and cool color that originated after the precious metal, Silver, was discovered. Silver is used for many things and therefore, has many meanings and emotions associated with it. The most common thing that Silver is associated with is wealth. Silver has long been used for monetary purposes. Just look at the coins that have been made from it by Americans: Quarters, Nickels and Dimes – not to mention all of the collectible coins also made from Silver. Another reason wealth is associated with Silver is because in previous centuries it was customary to display one’s wealth by holding fancy dinners where the family’s finest dishes, often silver, were used. This is still practiced today among the wealthy.

The metal Silver is a hardy mineral and has been proven to stand the test of time. Likewise, the color Silver has became a timeless color that is used to depict the same. For instance, one of the biggest milestones in marriage is celebrated with the color Silver. This is the 25th wedding anniversary. For this reason, many weddings include the color Silver as an accent color. Every marriage is a time of celebration, and every couple who walks down the aisle does so with the hopes of one day celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Silver is truly a timeless color that will enhance any event.…