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Halloween Costume Ideas for 2018

As most of you know, fall is my favorite time of year. I really get into Halloween. It’s not because I love all the scary things either. I honestly enjoy shopping for the pumpkins, carving pumpkins (we have an annual pumpkin carving party), exploring the nearby corn maze, attending fall festivals and of course picking out Halloween costumes!

Now that I have kids, this time of year gets even more exciting. While I still love the holiday, with more people to accommodate my budget has gotten a little tighter when it comes to Halloween costumes, decorations, etc. One of the easiest areas to cut down Halloween costs is with the costumes.

If you have ever spent much time shopping for the kids’ Halloween costumes, then you’ve probably realized just how expensive they are. It’s practically impossible to get out of a Halloween boutique with a costume for under $50 nowadays! Below are some affordable Halloween costume ideas for 2018 that should help you save a little money.

Symphony Conductor – If your son was in a wedding this year or another special occasion that required him to wear a tuxedo (that you purchased) then get another use out of it at Halloween and dress him up as a symphony conductor! All you will need to buy is the conductor’s stick and he’ll be good to go. Funeral Director – Perhaps your son has a nice suit hanging up in his closet that doesn’t get a lot of wear, but still fits. Use it to dress him up as a funeral director for Halloween. After all, not only is it a unique costume, but it’s also an appropriate one too! For instance, I have this black suit hanging up in the closet for my son that will work perfectly! Pageant Queen…