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Good Parenting: Battling the Food Industry

Just a few minutes ago, I read a very informative article regarding the power food companies have through their advertising strategies…especially when it comes to children. The article was written by Michele Simon and is entitled The Dark Side of Marketing Healthy Food to Children,  if you like to, you can read it here.

While I agree with what the article is saying in regards to how low food companies have stooped in order to market their products to young children in order to increase profits. However, the entire time I was reading this article, I couldn’t help but think that if parents just took a more proactive role in their children and what they are eating, then the marketing strategies of food companies wouldn’t be that big of a deal. This is only my opinion, but I have come to this conclusion based on my own experience with raising my 5 year-old.

I can honestly say that very seldom do food advertisements catch my attention. In fact, most of the time I get up when these commercials come on and do something else while waiting for my program to come back on. And when reading magazines, newspapers and other stuff that contains advertisements, I skip those pages altogether.

When it comes time to head to the grocery store, I make a list and stick to it. I have always been one who is interested in feeding my family healthy meals, especially my kiddos. Therefore, when we go to the grocery store, the bulk of my food is bought on the “outside” aisle. I stick to the produce, meat and dairy sections when I shop.

I know the way in which I shop has affected my son because he is not a huge candy eater. He will often pick fresh …