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Newsletter #9: 2018 Wedding Dress Trends and Flower Girl Dresses

With the year just barely started, the wedding dress trends for 2018 have already been predicted by the experts interviewed on Good Morning America. If you haven’t done much research on the up-and-coming wedding dress styles, you may be a bit surprised with this year’s trendsetters.  After all, we have always had a picture in mind of what the perfect wedding dress looks like, right?

The most popular wedding dress styles this year are not your traditional wedding dress styles. You’ve been warned. Below you’ll find the new wedding dress “Do’s” for 2018 and later, we’ll discuss what this means for the flower girl dresses you choose….…

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

As you know, Christmas is this Sunday! While many people don’t consider 3-4 days as “last minute,” I know I get a little stressed if I don’t get my shopping done before the week before Christmas. There’s just so much to do the week before Christmas excluding more shopping. However, does this mean that I haven’t ever got behind and had to shop for my Christmas gifts a few days before Christmas? No, believe me, I’ve been there!

If you are running behind this year and still have some more gifts to buy before Sunday, then you may find some of the last minute Christmas shopping tips helpful.

Take a Vacation Day – If you have some extra vacation days lined up, then consider asking your boss to take one off (perhaps, this Friday) so you can get your last minute shopping done. Most employers don’t mind if the employee has time available to take off. Make a List – There have been times when I only had a few things left to buy for Christmas and thought I could remember who I was shopping for, but once I got in the store, I forgot and ended up buying more gifts than I needed. Learn from my mistake and make a list of all the Christmas gifts you have and who they go to. Then, make a “Gifts Left to Buy” list to take with you when you hit the stores. Go Early or Late – There’s no question about it, the stores will get busier with each day leading up to Christmas. However, most of the crowds don’t get to the store until noon (lunch break) and in the afternoon (after 3:00 p.m.). Therefore, if you get up early in the morning and shop before noon, you’ll find the…