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Holiday Traveling Safety Precautions

Are you and your family traveling for the Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holidays? If you are, there are a few things that you should do to keep your home and belongings safe while you are away. There are many thieves out there who prey on families who leave for the holidays, which is why you need to take these extra measures to keep everything safe.

Tell a Close Friend Your Plans. The first thing you need to do is tell a close friend or family member what your holiday plans are. Make sure you tell someone you trust who isn’t going to go and tell anyone else. Ask your friend to keep an eye on the house while your away, and if he/she would check your mail while you are gone that would be even better. A mailbox full of mail is a dead giveaway that the homeowners are gone. Lock It All Up. Of course you know to lock all your doors when you leave town. However, many burglars don’t enter homes through the front or back door. Instead, they look for windows that have been unlocked. Even nearby ladders provide access to second story windows that may be left open. Therefore, make sure you keep your house sealed tight and even lock up any outdoor buildings you have. Refrain from Changing Messages. Many people think it’s helpful to change their home answering machine messages so callers will know they are out of town but will be back in a few days. While this may be helpful for some of your friends to know, you don’t want to help any burglars out by telling them when the house will be vacant and open for robbery. You should also refrain from announcing your holiday travel plans online (twitter, Facebook, etc.) as…