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What’s Routine Got to do With It? Hopefully, Everything!

I’m not sure how many days your kids have been in school, but my son has only been back to school for three days now. He is in Kindergarten and I have to say that I am impressed with his teacher as she made a point to call me after school on day #1 to let me know that my son had an amazing first day. (Due to the after-school craziness she didn’t feel like she had time to talk to me when I picked him up, so she made a follow-up call; still impressive as I wasn’t expecting that.)

However, yesterday was day #3 and she called me to let me know that my son had been in a “frisky” mood all day. I love the terminology, don’t you? She was very nice and assured me that the first week is always rough and the kids are all tired, but she knew that my husband and I would want to know about his behavior. He hadn’t done anything “bad” but he was just being silly and not paying attention/following directions, which happens when he is tired.

I understand that the first week is always rough, but seriously…I get called on day #3 of school in kindergarten. After the phone call and a serious talk with our son, my husband and I started re-evaluating our child’s back-to-school routine. After all, it’s not acceptable for him to be acting “frisky” during the school day and my husband and I know that there has to be something that we can do at home to help him make better choices at school.

Start a home behavior chart. My son’s teacher is going to start reporting the kids’ daily behaviors at the first of September, once the kids have been in school a couple …