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Healthy Dinner Tips

As with a lot of people around the country, I have recently started paying close attention to the foods that I eat as well as the foods that I feed my family. There are just too many harmful chemicals and other additives that go into the majority of the “foods” that hit the grocery store shelves and I didn’t realize just how bad they were for me (and my family) until I did a little experiment of my own. For one week, I cut out all processed foods.

Basically, my diet consisted of water and natural foods and whole grains. Again, this was only for one week and during that week I noticed that my energy levels rose tremendously, I wasn’t as hungry as much, I was concentrating better and I was sleeping better at night. For the second part of my experiment, after the week was over, I gradually began adding some processed foods back. For instance, I allowed myself that daily soda that I like and instead of a healthy meal at lunch, I might have had a hamburger from McDonald’s. That second week after my week of clean eating was an eye opener! I literally felt horrible and I couldn’t eat fried food without my body revolting. The most noticeable part was how exhausted I was at the end of the day.

As a result, I went back to the clean eating lifestyle (for the most part…I do still enjoy a soda most days) lifestyle and haven’t looked back. The issue I first had with clean eating was that I believed, as most people do, that it was going to be more expensive and harder to do. I was pleasantly surprised in both areas. Below are some healthy dinner tips to help you enjoy healthier foods without …