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Around-the-House Savings

You may think that you are saving as much as you possibly can right now, but I imagine there are at least one or two things that you are overlooking. I know that I’m always looking for additional ways that I can save money and I’m usually able to find them, when I look…even when I think I’m doing everything I can to save money. So, for the last few blog posts, I’ve shared tips for how you can save more on your food, laundry and travel expenses. Today, I’m going to help you save even more money around the house!

Create a Budget – This may sound silly but creating a household budget really does save families a lot of money. Dave Ramsey and other financial experts all agree that if you don’t control your money, it will control you. This means that if you don’t decide where you want your money to go before you get it, it won’t get spent on the right things. Therefore, sit down and figure out how much money you have to have to cover all your expenses for the month (utilities, mortgage, vehicle payments, groceries, gas, credit card bills, etc.). Divide the total monthly costs up between the number of checks you receive each month and deposit appropriately into each “account” when the paychecks arrive. Make sure to put money in savings and allow some for entertainment. You will be surprised at the amount of money you can save when you create (and stick to) a budget.  Do-It-Yourself – Another great and easy way to save money is to do things yourself. For example, do you really need to pay someone to come out and do your landscaping? Do you really need a housecleaner to come once a week? You can…