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The Benefits of Summer Activities

I have several friends with young children who have mentioned that they don’t have any summer activities planned for their kids over the summer. Instead, they just “play it by ear” and go with it. Basically, if something comes up that they want to do with their kids, they do, but otherwise the kids have an unstructured summer.

While I believe that children should be allowed more down time in the summer, I still strongly believe that scheduling some summer activities is important as well. For example, my son will be attending three half-day camps this summer (each last five days), as well as, swimming lessons – and we just finished up t-ball. That may sound like a lot, but none of the activities I have planned for my son last longer than a half-day, and he won’t be doing more than one activity per day. I just have it planned where he has something to do throughout the whole summer.

So, what are the benefits of having your kids enrolled in summer activities?

  • Make New Friends. When you sign kids up to do one or more activities over the summer, more than likely, they will be meeting new people and making new friends. This is especially true for those of us with young children as meeting new people and making new friends helps them develop their social skills as they learn how to interact with other kids.
  • Keeps Them Busy. One of the constant complaints kids have during the summer is, “I’m bored.” When you have summer activities planned, this isn’t going to be something you hear very often. Even if you only have an activity scheduled that lasts half a day or less, your kids aren’t going to be bored. Keeping kids busy during the summer is important because it help keeps them out of trouble.
  • Provides Structure. Even though most of us are pretty lax during the summer months with our schedules, having summer activities planned for kids is beneficial because it does keep them on some type of a schedule. This is important because once school starts back up, they’ll be adjusting to the normal “school” schedule (getting homework done, eating dinner, taking a shower, getting in bed on time and waking up in time for the bus).

So, what types of summer activities should you get your kids involved in? It honestly depends on your kids and what their interests are. Of course swimming lessons are good for every child, but aside from that there are summer bowling leagues, art camps, horseback riding lessons, summer softball/baseball leagues, cooking classes and many more things available. Just look to your kids and find things that go with their interests.

For example, if you have a daughter who enjoys participating in beauty pageants, then look for a pageant coach and sign her up for lessons over the summer. There will undoubtedly be summer beauty pageants your daughter can compete in, but the regular lessons will help her learn how to interview better, model her pageant dresses better and perform her “talent” better. As long as you’ve got your kids enrolled in summer activities that support their interests, then your kids will reap the benefits of these activities.

2018 Saint Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

For most people, Saint Patrick’s Day is a day of fun and laughter. Most adults generally celebrate by getting together with friends and having a beer or two together, while children often associate the holiday with wearing green. And, most years, St. Patty’s Day is celebrated at different times by adults and children…children acknowledge it at school while adults/parents acknowledge it after hours with friends.

However, this year the day falls on a Saturday, meaning it’s up to parents to find a way to celebrate the holiday with their kids this year. Below are a few activity ideas to help you and your children celebrate the holiday together.

  • Host a Dance– If you have some extra space, or know someone who does, then hosting a St. Patrick’s Day dance/party can be a lot of fun. For example, if you live on an acreage with an old barn, you’ve got the perfect space for a dance…or even if you have a large bonus room can be a great place for a gathering. To make it fun for all ages, allow your children to invite their friends and parents, as well as, your friends too. Have a best dressed contest and encourage guests to wear green formal dresses and suits. You can also make green punch and serve lots of green appetizers. Depending on the guests and your thoughts, you may even consider serving green beer and other festive cocktail drinks. A St. Patrick’s Day dance/party allows parents and kids to celebrate the holiday with each other, creating a lot of fun memories!
  • Visit a Local Celebration – Since Saint Patty’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, there will be many communities hosting public celebrations for families to attend. Most of these celebrations will have all the food, drink, fun and entertainment your family needs. Who knows, if there isn’t a nearby celebration, maybe you can make a weekend trip out of it and attend one several hours away!
  • Have a Scavenger Hunt – Little children love games, so why not create your own backyard St. Patty’s Day scavenger hunt? The kids can spend a couple hours figuring out clues to find their four-leaf clover. This can be a great activity when combined with a family BBQ. You can even take it a step farther and end it when the kids find the prize…a stack of movie tickets for a movie the entire family can go to after the BBQ…or, maybe even a few Leprechaun themed movies to end the night with!

Whatever you decide to do this year on Saint Patrick’s Day, find a way to celebrate it with your children. It may not be the “normal” way you celebrate the holiday, but since it is on a Saturday this year, make it special for the kids. Even if you never celebrate the holiday, do something symbolizing it this year for the children.