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Christmas Break and the Kids

For many around the country, today is a significant day for parents. Why? It’s the last day of school until January, marking the beginning of our children’s Christmas Break. Why is this a significant event? It’s a day that many parents dread because they have no idea what they are going to do to keep their kiddos busy for two entire weeks. (Some schools are even out for three this year!) If you are one of these parents, don’t freak out. We’ve got some fun ideas for activities you can do with your kids over Christmas Break.

Have a Gingerbread House Making Contest – If you have grade-school age children and older, then hosting a gingerbread house making contest is a great way to keep them occupied for the day. Of course, you can’t go buy a kit at the grocery store and expect the kids to be entertained for hours. No, they’ve got to make them by scratch in order for this to be an all-day activity.If you’ve never made a gingerbread house from scratch before, you can do a search in Google and find the instructions, recipes and patterns you need. If you and your children have made gingerbread houses from scratch before, then you will probably be able to leave them alone (checking on them periodically is recommended) once they get the pieces in the oven. Baking and building gingerbread houses is not only a lot of fun, but it gives kids something constructive to do with their time over Christmas Break. Have a Fashion Show – If you are the parent of one or more young girls, then helping them put on a small fashion show is a great way for them to spend an afternoon. This is especially fun for a group of girls to…

Tips for Holiday Parties with Kids

As the holidays roll around, the calendar begins to fill up with festivities and various holiday parties. In fact, you may be having a holiday party of your own that you’re inviting your family, friends and/or co-workers to. One of the toughest decisions to make when hosting a holiday party is deciding on whether or not to invite children.

Children are a lot of fun, but they can be a distraction for adults who are trying to converse with one another at social events. While you may prefer to make your holiday party an adult-only party, which is perfectly within your rights, by doing so you may be making it impossible for some of your guests to attend. So, below you will find a few tips for hosting a holiday party with kids included.

Have a “Kid” Room – For the people who will be bringing older children to your holiday party, set up a room just for them to hang out in. If you have a second living area with a television, consider providing the kids with a variety of movies to watch during the party. Or, if you are comfortable with the kids attending and your children will also be there, you may even want to hook up the Wii or Xbox Kinect for them to play. This will definitely keep the kids entertained during the party and allow the adults to talk. Have a Variety of Food – One of the keys to having a successful holiday party with kids is to have a variety of different foods available. Since there will be children attending, you want to have some finger foods there that they will enjoy. For instance, pigs-in-a-blanket, Velveeta cheese dip, chocolate covered fruit and other similar foods are big hits with kids of all…