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Back-to-School Tips: Keeping Kids Healthy

While my son and I are both excited about the start of school, the one thing I dread about the school year are all the germs that come along with it. When my kids are at home, I have a little better control over their environment, however, when they are out and about and around other kids that power is taken away. While it isn’t feasible for me to think that I can protect my son from coming into contact with germs, there are some things that I can do to better ensure that his body is up to the task of fighting them off. Below are some back to school tips for keeping our kids healthier this school year.

Make sure they get a good night’s sleep. There are so many benefits associated with getting a good night’s sleep, especially for children. Sleep gives children the time they need to recharge, but it also gives their bodies time to recharge too. When a child is exhausted and sleep deprived, his body isn’t going to be able to fight off unwanted germs that can cause the common cold, flu and other ailments. Sleep allows the immune system to stay strong and in good health which will aid your little one in staying healthy this school year. Pack their lunch. Last year, my husband and I decided to let our son eat the school food for breakfast and lunch. As I had a newborn at home, it was very convenient to just pay the school and allow them to feed my son. The problem was that my son didn’t particularly care for the food the school served at lunch (he liked breakfast) and, as a result, he wouldn’t eat a lot of it. He was coming home irritable and tired.

So …