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How to Unspoil Kids

In my last blog post, I gave you a few ways to determine if you have a spoiled child. However, I didn’t give any tips for how to unspoil a spoiled child. If you have determined that your child is a tad bit spoiled, then it’s important to get it reversed as soon as possible. Right now, it may be inexpensive to spoil your little one as a small toy, ice cream or movie rentals may be all it takes to make her happy, but once she gets a little older she’ll start wanting expensive electronics, fancy dresses (and other clothing) and regular trips to the movies. So, how do you go about unspoiling a child?

Look at yourself. Young children don’t become spoiled on their own. It takes adults to spoil a child. Therefore, the first step in unspoiling a child is to take an objective look at yourself and figure out how and why you’re spoiling the child. For instance, do you buy him things when you feel guilty? Is it because you don’t want to deal with a temper tantrum? Next, figure out in what way are you spoiling your child. For example, do you buy toys? Take her places like the movies, amusement park, skating, etc.? Or do you have a tendency to do everything for her when she’s big enough to do it on her own? Once you figure out why and how you’re spoiling your child, you’ll be able to move on to the solution. Set clear expectations. The next thing you need to do is sit down with your child and tell him what your expectations are for his behavior. You need to stop the “If you promise to be good, I’ll buy you a toy” bargaining tactics. Instead, have a list of…