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Easy Morning Fixes for the Time-Pressed Mama

This is the second week of school for my little man and I have to admit that while I was worried it would be hard to get back into the school routine, it hasn’t been that difficult. Since my son started riding the bus this year, we even have to get up thirty minutes earlier…and that’s only giving us thirty minutes for him to get dressed, eat and brush his teeth before the bus arrives! I’m a “sleeper” so waiting until the last possible minute to get my little guy up is what I do. (He needs all the sleep he can get since they don’t take naps in Kindergarten.)

Due to the extended day (getting up earlier and no naps), we discovered last week that it was important for my so to go to bed a little earlier than usual. We also found that feeding him a little breakfast before he goes to school and eats the school breakfast helps him get through the day too. However, being short on, I have to have quick breakfast options that are also packed with nutrients. Here are the quick and easy morning fixes, I’ve come up with that seem to be working quite well:

Eggs – This is my favorite go-to breakfast for my son. Partly because eggs are really good for him with all the protein they contain, but also in part because he loves them and never complains about eating them. For the fast-paced mornings at our house, they work great because I can have scrambled eggs whipped up in less than five minutes. My son isn’t much of a bread person, but some mornings he asks for toast with the eggs – which is fine too because it is also quick and easy to fix. Fruit Smoothie –…