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Summer Programs for Young Children

As summer draws closer by the day, many parents are starting to search for things for their young children to be involved in over the summer. This is especially true for those of us with children who have been in all day programs during the school year. The thought of an entire summer with your little ones home every day scares some of us. Why? For me, it’s the thought of my child becoming bored.

After being in an all-day school program for the past nine months, my 4 ½ year old son has gotten used to being around other kids his age and pushing his limits as he learns new things five days out of the week. Now, for the summer, he’s going to be at home with his mom…bored out of his mind. At least, that’s what I’m afraid of. Are you feeling the same way? Below are some summer programs for young children offered by many communities that will help provide some relief from the mundane for both you and your child during the summer.

Art Camp – The great thing about young children is that they love to explore through creativity. Many communities have summer art camp programs available for children ages four and up. These programs may be half-day or full-day, depending on the place putting the camps on. Regardless of how long the days are, your child is sure to have fun! Tumbling and Dance Camps – Another popular summer program for young children is tumbling and dance camps. The great thing about these camps is they work for boys and girls as they are generally offered at the same time. If you have young girls who love to dress up in pretty fancy dresses and dance about the house, then dance camp is…