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Young Girls and Makeup

Do you remember when you were first allowed to wear makeup? I’m not sure about you, but my parents made me wait until I turned 13. In fact, on my thirteenth birthday, my mom had a Mary Kay consultant come over and give my friends and I all facials. Of course, part of my birthday present from my mother was purchasing some of the makeup for me.

At the time, I didn’t think a thing about having to wait until I was 13 before I could wear makeup. And, neither did my friends…that age was a pretty normal age for girls “back then” (1990s) to start putting makeup on. However, things are beginning to change for young girls today.

It seems that more and more girls around the age of 7 are beginning to wear makeup. Why do you think this is? There truly isn’t a real need for girls at that age to be wearing makeup to school, is there? Girls at this age generally have flawless skin and don’t need any help looking beautiful. The problem is the beauty industry has begun to focus on young girls with their marketing efforts, making them believe that they will look prettier/better if they wear these products. Of course, it doesn’t matter what advertisements the beauty industry produces with our little girls in mind because parents have the ultimate say-so regarding when their girls will be able to wear makeup.

So, the question for you is at what age do you believe it’s okay for your daughter(s) to wear makeup? (There is no wrong answer here, it is your decision to make.) Every family’s situation is unique, which can also have an impact on how you answer this question. For instance, maybe your daughter loves to participate in child beauty pageants, …