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Raising Healthy Kids with Food

While it isn’t practical for the majority of people to move to a farm and start living off the land today, it is definitely tempting once you become aware of all the additives, pesticides, insecticides, etc. that are being added to foods before they hit the supermarket. Sometimes I wish I could chuck it all and move out to a farm and grow my own food!

The truth is that I didn’t used to think much about the foods I was eating, but that all changed once I became pregnant with our firstborn seven years ago. Suddenly, I was very aware of the foods I ate and what those foods were doing to my body, as well as, my unborn child’s body. I’ve learned a lot over the last seven years and I can say that my family is definitely a lot healthier than we were back then as I have a passion for fueling our bodies with the most nutritious foods available.

This is one trait that I desperately want to pass on to my children. Even though guidelines are supposedly getting tougher by the FDA, I can’t imagine that the quality of foods brought to the store shelves are going to improve that much over the next couple of decades. Therefore, it’s important to me to make sure my children grow up knowing what healthy food really is. After all, in order for our children to grow up healthy and to continue to make healthy choices, they have to be educated first, right?

So, how can we teach our children about eating healthy foods? Below are a few ideas.

Keep Chickens – Even if you live in a metropolitan area, there are many cities and suburbs that allow homeowners to have a couple backyard chickens. If you’re able…