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Get Moving This Spring!

I know, it’s already April and I’m talking about spring! Every year, I look forward to spring. I guess it’s because during the winter months my family and I are stuck in the house most of the time. So, by the time February gets here, I’m more than ready for the warm weather to come back so we can get outside and enjoy the fresh air again. I’ve just noticed that the more my family and I are outside, the happier we tend to be.


There are a lot of benefits for families associated with being outdoors. For one, the sun gives us the Vitamin D that our bodies need and we also get exercise when we’re out having fun in the sun. An additional benefit for those of us with young children is that playing outside wears them out…which means a decent afternoon nap for us! Therefore, get you and your family moving this spring. There are too many benefits not to. If you start planning activities now, you won’t have a problem thinking of things to do when spring does arrive. Below are a few ideas to help get you started. Explore New Trails – Take the time to research some of the nearby hiking and bicycling trails in your area. Then, plan a Saturday morning to take the family to one of them and explore it. Make sure you bring plenty of water, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks and the camera! If you’re kids are older and can handle it, a little trail bike ride may be a fun adventure too. However, if you have young kids and want to ride bikes, you will need to look for neighborhood sidewalk trails/paths to take to ensure everyone has a good, accident-free ride. Frisbee –Who doesn’t enjoy a…