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Four Considerations When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things for young women to do. Ever since they were little girls, they’ve been dreaming of the day they get to be Cinderella and marry their Prince Charming. More than likely, you are no different. Now that your prince has popped the question, it’s time to start planning your very own wedding. Below are four big considerations you should address when you begin planning your wedding.

Budget – This is the one that most brides hate dealing with, so why not get it out of the way first. Unless you come from an extremely wealthy family, you will have a budget for your wedding. It’s best to sit down with your parents and discuss this before you purchase your first bridal magazine. Then you know what you’ve got to work with. Location – Next, you should be discussing with your fiancé where you two want to tie the knot. If you’ve had the perfect location picked out ever since you were little, you better get it booked! Date – Getting your wedding location booked leads to the next top consideration…your expected wedding date. If you have a specific place you want to get married, you may have to visit with the event coordinator first and get a list of available dates. Then, take a couple days to discuss the available dates with each other and your families and make your date “official.” Bridal Party – Once you’ve got your date picked out and location set, you can focus on putting together your bridal party. It’s important for both the bride and groom to ask their closest friends to be in their wedding as soon as they know a date to ensure nothing else will be scheduled on their friends’ calendars!…

Summer Wedding

Good Afternoon and Happy July!

We’re not sure about you, but the summer sure is flying by for those of us at Kids Formal! Before you know it, it will be time to start shopping for presents and pretty Christmas dresses for the kids! But, that’s still several months away so, for now, lay back and enjoy the summer sun!

While summertime is the busiest time for weddings, it’s also one of the best times to celebrate an engagement. Most couples spend at least a year planning the perfect wedding, so those who want to get married next summer are still in the planning stage now! For this reason, we felt that it would be helpful to provide our loyal customers with a newsletter with helpful tips for planning a summer wedding!

Decide where you want your wedding and reception, and don’t hesitate to get it reserved! Doing this a year in advance is best, but it’s pertinent that you do it at least six months in advance. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, be sure to have a “Plan B” in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Pick exciting summery colors for your wedding. Pastels are great, but bold colors such as yellow, orange and red are beautiful too! Consider using exotic or tropical flowers for the wedding. When it comes time to go dress shopping, look for dresses made of materials that will allow the bride to stay cool! Stay away from thick and heavy dresses.When picking bridesmaids dresses, look for fabric that is fun and lightweight. Thin cotton dresses or short party dresses are always fun for summer weddings! For the little ones in the wedding, keep their attire fun and cool too! Summer weddings are no fun for flower girls and ring bearers when they’re hot.…