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The Joy of Kids

In light of all the negative things going on around the world today, I thought it would be a fun change of pace to talk a little bit about all the joy that kids bring. Those of us who work at Kidsformal get exposed to children on a daily basis, but some of us are also parents who get to go home and experience life with children as well. And, while children can be demanding, exhausting and frustrating from time to time they also can be insightful, curious, smart, fun, humorous and very loving.

I think it is important that we try to focus on all the good, joyous qualities that children bring to the world as we go through our day. If we take the time to watch the children around us, and try to look at the world through their innocent eyes, we will find that there is so much to be thankful for. Below are some of my favorite videos of kids just being kids. After you watch these, hopefully, you will be refreshed and leave with a new appreciation of the joy children bring.

This Kid is Apparently in Kindergarten: This video is hilarious. The little boy has a very cheerful attitude and loves to use new words to describe his feelings about things. If only we could all have his personality and excitement about life…


The Pageant Queen Child pageant contestants get a bad rap from many people because of how demanding they appear to be for the children involved. However, as you can see in this clip, this particular little girl is your typical 5 year old who loves experimenting…she couldn’t care less that she and her mother are being interviewed. Maybe we should learn to loosen up a little too?

Laughter is …