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Tips for Baby Pictures

If you have recently had a new addition to your family, then you’re probably thinking about scheduling a photography session for baby pictures. Baby pictures can be a lot of fun to do and there are tons of ways to make them adorable and memorable. Below are a few ideas to help you have a great photography session with your new bundle of joy!

If Outdoors, Think about Lighting – If you are planning on having your little one photographed outdoors, then make sure you speak to the photographer about the lighting. There is a “golden” hour every day when the sunlight is best for taking pictures and your photographer will be able to tell you exactly when that is. If it’s a time when you can do the shoot, do it! You can get some amazing pictures at this time of the day. Encourage the Photographer to Try New Things – A lot of first-time parents have certain ideas in mind when they bring their newborns in to be photographed, which is fine. However, a lot of photographers are pretty creative and have a lot of great ideas that they haven’t been able to try yet. So, keep yourself open to new ideas and encourage your photographer to get creative. You never know what will work and what won’t if you don’t try! Keep the Wardrobe Simple – It’s easy to go overboard when picking out baby clothes for pictures, after all there are just so many adorable baby dresses and little suits out there. However, you won’ t have a lot of time to spend changing clothes. So, try to keep the outfits to a minimum…usually no more than two outfits is all you’ll have time for.…