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Expecting Bridesmaids

When a lot of girls think about their future wedding, they picture themselves in a gorgeous white dress, how their hair will be done, the cake, the ceremony and of course sharing the day with the special girls who will be their bridesmaids. We all know the idealistic pictures we all had in our heads when we were younger regarding our own weddings and, for those of us who are married, we also know how different our real weddings were from our dream weddings.

One of the things that many girls don’t think about, until they are planning their wedding and have this issue arise, is the special considerations surrounding bridesmaids who are pregnant. Even then, a lot of brides-to-be don’t think much about an expecting bridesmaid while they’re planning their wedding because they’ve never been pregnant, so they don’t realize that some things may need to be taken into consideration.

If you are planning your wedding and one of your bridesmaids is expecting, consider the following as you get further into the wedding planning process.

Due Date – This is the most important issue you will have to consider when planning your wedding. If your dear friend is pregnant, then find out when her due date is and plan your wedding a good month before the baby is due…or, wait a couple of months until after the baby is due. This will help ensure that your bridesmaid will be able to attend your wedding, but if you plan the wedding within a couple weeks of her due date, she may go into labor early and have to miss the wedding altogether. Bridesmaid Dresses – When you’re planning a wedding and have a pregnant bridesmaid, you will have to look at bridesmaid dresses that have a maternity look about them.…

Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you have one or ten bridesmaids in your wedding, it’s a good idea to let each of them know how much you appreciate their willingness to attend you on your wedding day. There are a lot of expenses associated with being a bridesmaids when you consider the cost of the dress, travel expenses, hotel fees (if out-of-town), hair and makeup and all the accessories needed to go with the dress. Therefore, as the bride, you need to give your bridesmaids a token of your appreciation as it is the proper thing to do. Below are a few personalized bridesmaid gift ideas to help you out.

Jewelry – The majority of women love jewelry, making this an easy gift to give. In addition to making a nice gift, you can give it to your bridesmaids the night before the wedding and explain that you thought it would look nice with their dresses the next day. For instance, you can have a necklace, earrings or a bracelet made for your girls. There are numerous ways to personalize them, simply ask the jewelry for some ideas. Cosmetic Bags and Jewelry Rolls – A couple of other great personalized bridesmaid gift ideas include cosmetic bags and/or jewelry rolls. Every girl needs a place to keep her makeup and a cosmetic bag is the perfect solution. You can find an assortment of cosmetic bags online that are able to be monogramed with your bridesmaids’ initials. You can do the same thing with jewelry rolls. Personalized Totes – As with jewelry, shoes and clothes…a girl can never have too many totes or handbags. Therefore, surprise your bridesmaids with a personalize tote bag that’s large enough to carry a beach towel, laptop or several books. This bag will definitely come in handy and…