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Vacation Ideas for Families with Young Children

For me, the month of January always means carving out a time to sit down and come up with a number of “plans.” For instance, every year at this time I sit down and make a list of the debt my husband and I have…I include everything but the car note and the mortgage. Then, my husband and I go over the list and determine which things we can get paid off by the end of the year…then we make a “plan” for how to do this. I also use this time to get our tax information in order and schedule an appointment with our accountant so we can get our income taxes done early.

Financial planning is not the only type of planning I do during the month of January. I also plan for upcoming events such as weddings, holidays (Easter), family pictures and, my favorite, a family vacation. Although I don’t necessarily enjoy spending money, I do love planning our yearly family vacations, especially now that my husband and I have children. However, in order to successfully plan a family vacation, I have to start planning (and setting money aside) early…this is why I get it done in January.

Perhaps, you have always wanted to take family vacations but don’t think vacationing with young children is going to be pleasurable. While there are unique challenges when traveling with young children, it is possible to have wonderful vacations during this stage of your life (and still bring the kids!). Below are a few vacation ideas for those of you with young children. Whatever you decide to do, get it planned (and possibly booked) now to ensure you have enough time to save up and prepare for it.

Disney Cruise – Disney cruises are great vacations for families with children…