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Engagement Picture Ideas

If you or someone you know has recently gotten engaged then the time will come (soon) for engagement pictures. In years past, many couples just took the traditional “side-by-side, holding-hands” engagement pictures. However, as with all things, we have evolved (thankfully!) and photographers are becoming bolder and are helping couples branch out and take engagement pictures that are fun, exciting and unique. Below are a few suggestions you might want to try when it comes time for your engagement pictures!

Go Vintage – While you want to keep your appearance the same for these important pictures, you can have some fun with the props you have in the background! Why not incorporate a few fun vintage props to give the pictures a few unique details that won’t be found in anyone else’s pictures? Be Active – Do you and your fiance have a special activity that you love doing together? Perhaps, you met at a sporting event and have been together ever since? If you and your fiance enjoy a specific activity, then why not highlight this activity in your engagement pictures? All of your friends and family will enjoy seeing some pictures of the happy couple doing one of the many things that they have in common! Get Intimate – Why not get a little intimate for your engagement pictures? After all, you’re getting ready to tie the knot! A lot of photographers can take some pretty romantic shots of couples in the light of the setting sun hugging and kissing. You could also lay out a blanket in the park (or at the beach) and take some pictures snuggling or staring into each other eyes for a unique look as well.

Finally, if you need formal attires such as boys’ tuxedos or girls’ special occasion dresses for your …