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Fun Activities for Little Girls

For those of you with little girls and boys, you know how different the two can be. Everything from the way they talk to the way they dress to the activities they enjoy varies. Boys are generally more active than little girls just because they enjoy exploring new territories, playing sports and thrill seeking. Little girls on the other hand are a (usually) a little more reserved and like to play it safe. A quality that is great, but it can make it harder to get them involved in different activities. So, today’s blog post is one that will hopefully help you find an activity that your little girl might enjoy trying out.

Ballet/Dance – Just because little girls don’t find climbing trees and paintballing fun and exciting doesn’t mean they don’t like to get out and move…they just prefer it to be more “ladylike.” This is one of the reasons ballet and dance classes have become so popular for little girls. And, the classes range from toddlers on up! The only thing you should be aware of with these activities is that there may be numerous outfits required, which can add up. You’ll also want some accessories to match the outfits such as ribbons, bows and other hair pieces. Horseback Riding – If you live close to a stable, then your little girl may enjoy signing up for horseback riding lessons. Most children love horses and learning how to ride. Plus, your little one will learn a lot and can also move up to competitive riding if desired. As with most activities, there are some costs involved with this too. So, be sure you do your homework before signing your little one up. Cheer/Tumbling – Finally, a lot of girls love to take tumbling and cheer classes. They love…

How to Find the Right Wedding Location

Finding the right location for your wedding is a critical decision that you have to make early-on in your planning. After all, without a location you won’t have much of a wedding, right? Before you put down a deposit for a specific location, you need to consider a few essential things.

How Many Guests Are You Planning On? Although you probably haven’t made out your guest list, you should have a general idea of how many wedding guests you are going to invite. This is important when picking the right wedding location because it will eliminate the locations that accommodate the number of guests you are planning on. So, always take into consideration how many guests you will be inviting What about the Reception? The next thing you need to think about is your reception. Basically, do you want your reception to be at the same place as your wedding or do you have another location in mind just for the reception? If you know that you want the reception held at the same location as the wedding, this will limit your wedding locations even further – which can be very helpful. What is Your Budget? Finally, you need to consult with your overall wedding budget. How much money have you reserved for the wedding and reception location(s)? If you are on a tight budget, then you should call the potential locations first and ask what their fee is for hosting a wedding there. Don’t go and view the location if it’s not within your budget. Go and Tour the Location. Once you’ve narrowed down potential wedding locations down to three or four good prospects, it’s time to go tour them. Make sure you walk through each location and ask questions. This will help you determine which place is the…

Kids Wedding Clothing: How Much to Spend?

When you begin planning a wedding, one of the first issues that must be addressed is the budget. At least this is the case for most people. Everything involved in your wedding cost money whether it’s the invitations, decorations, flower basket, ring pillow, entertainment, etc. You even have to consider how much the kids’ wedding clothing will cost for the little ones in your wedding. Below are a few tips for determining how much to spend on kids wedding clothing for your wedding.

Your Budget – As mentioned above, your budget is the first thing you have to determine when you begin planning a wedding. The good news about kids wedding clothing is that you can spend as little or as much as you want on it. There are affordable options in children’s formalwear for all budgets. So, when you are thinking about the appropriate amount to budget in for kids formalwear, come up with an amount that you are comfortable with. It should be less than what you’re planning to spend on the bridal party attire, pictures and decorations. Type of Wedding – You also need to take the style of wedding into consideration. For example, if you’re having a beachside wedding in Hawaii, you may not want your flower girls and ring bearers in highly formal attire. Instead, you may opt for summer dresses for the flower girls and dress shirts and shorts for the ring bearers. This will affect your budget.

Where You Shop – If you make the decision to order kids wedding clothing from online retailers, such as KidsFormal.com, you will save a substantial amount of money in comparison to wedding boutiques and bridal shops. By making this decision early in the planning stage, you will be able to adjust your budget accordingly.…

Tips for Flower Girl Dress Shopping

If you are the parent of a flower girl for an upcoming wedding, then there are a few things you should keep in mind as you prepare to go shopping for the flower girl dress. While this should be a fun experience, it can be a crazy and stressful one if you aren’t prepared. The tips below will help make shopping for a flower girl dress a fun and memorable time for you and your little girl!

Work with the Bride. The first thing you need to remember is that while your little girl will be wearing the flower girl dress, this isn’t your wedding. More than likely, the bride-to-be has a picture in her mind of the style of dress she wants her flower girl to wear. Therefore, it’s important that you work with the bride to find a flower girl dress that fulfills her wedding day wishes, as well as, meets your satisfaction. Talk about the Budget. While the bride-to-be most likely has an idea of the type of flower girl dress she’s looking for, you are the one who will be paying for it. Therefore, you need to sit down and determine what your budget is for the flower girl dress. Now, when you make your budget be sure you include enough money to cover the dress, shoes, hair pieces, panty hose and/or any other accessories that will be needed to complete the ensemble. Once you’ve got the budget determined, share it with the bride-to-be so she knows how much you can afford to spend. Bring Accessories Along. Once you’ve got an appointment with the bride-to-be at a children’s formalwear shop (or bridal boutique), then gather any accessories you have that you know your little one will be wearing with the flower girl dress. For instance, if…

Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Many brides-to-be get overwhelmed soon after they have gotten engaged and started the wedding planning process. One of the biggest stressors can be finding the wedding dress. After all, the wedding dress is probably the most important item at the wedding, except for the bride and groom of course. Therefore, if you are in the beginning stages of planning your wedding, below are a few tips to remember as you start shopping for your wedding dress.

Start Early. You can never start your “hunt” for the perfect wedding dress too early. In fact, many experts recommend that brides-to-be begin making appointments with bridal shops 9 months before the actual wedding. This will give you plenty of time to find the “right” dress and to schedule in the alternation appointments that will follow too. Bring a Few Pictures. More than likely you have already browsed several wedding magazines and have seen pictures of wedding dresses that you like. Don’t be afraid to bring a few of these pictures along with you so you can show the salesperson the styles of dresses you do like. Bring Your Accessories. If you have already found the perfect pair of shoes and are just looking for the dress to wear with them, then make sure you bring the shoes along so you can wear them while trying on various dresses. You can also bring along the jewelry you intend to wear on your wedding day if you have it picked out as well. Have a Budget. Finally, before you begin shopping for wedding dresses, make sure you have a definite budget in place for the dress. When determining your budget keep in mind that the dress isn’t the only cost for your wedding day ensemble. You should also budget for the veil, “filler” skirts, alterations…