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Need a Favor?

If you’re planning a wedding, then you may have already started thinking about the wedding favors. These are the small little gifts that the newly married couple sends home with their guests in an effort to say “Thank You for Attending.” These gifts do not need to be big or expensive, but just a small token of your appreciation to acknowledge the time sacrifice your guests made to share the day with you. Below are a few ideas to think about.

Candy Coated Almonds – Candy coated almonds are one of the most traditional types of wedding favors given because the almond is a symbol of fertility. Therefore, when brides and grooms send candy coated almonds home with their guests, they are wishing them many years of fertile living (happiness, wealth, health, etc.). Purchase some small pieces of colored tulle (to match your wedding colors) and wrap up a few pieces of almonds and tie with a decorative ribbon to complete the look. Decorated Fortune Cookies – Today, you can order specially made fortune cookies to match your wedding décor. Your guests will love these delightfully yummy treats and the treasure they find inside! Small Photo Frames – Everyone has special photos of people they love placed strategically throughout their homes. Therefore, why not give them a decorative photo frame that they can take home with your picture in it? Or, you can always place the photo frame at each place setting with the guests’ names in them if you prefer to let them choose their own picture to fill it with. Either way, these are great wedding favors your guests will appreciate.…

Don’t Sweat the Little Stuff

If you have been subscribed to our blog for long, then you know that Kidsformal does more than just provide customers with fine children’s clothing. We like to give advice in all areas surrounding kids’ formal wear too. As you can imagine, many of our customers are brides-to-be who are preparing for their big day.

If you are also a bride-to-be, you may find yourself worrying over every little detail of the wedding on the night before/day of the wedding. While some things are very important and should be worried about, below are a few small issues that generally work themselves out and shouldn’t be stressed out over.…