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What Are We Teaching our Kids?

I don’t know about you, but I am growing increasingly concerned about the kids being raised in America today. Have you taken the time to look around at the kids today? It just seems to me that children are continuing to become more self-centered, less motivated and more immature than they used to be. And, while I would like to say that the kids are the problem, the truth is that it isn’t the kids. It’s the parents.

What do I mean when I say parents are to blame for their children’s behavior? Think about it. Kids will be kids, meaning they will try to get away with whatever they can. If parents allow them to be lazy, show disrespect to their elders and be irresponsible, that’s what they are going to do. However, if parents make the decision to step up and be parents instead of their kids’ friends then they will raise respectable, responsible and mature adults.

So, here’s one example for where I feel parents are dropping the ball. I have a friend who teaches 4th grade in the public school system. The biggest problem she is facing is the lack of support from parents. Instead of parents coming to parent/teacher conferences willing to listen to the constructive criticism she has to give regarding their children, parents are coming to the conferences ready to defend their children, regardless of the situation.

For instance, one parent came in upset that her daughter was receiving D’s in every subject. However, she had excuse after excuse for why her daughter isn’t able to get her homework done at night. This is a case where the mother is enabling her child to be irresponsible. And, if it is allowed at home when the child is still a child, don’t you think …