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Determining Which Colors Look Best on You

When women choose formal wear, it’s important that they know which colors look best on them for a couple of reasons. First, the wrong colors can make your skin looked washed out and do nothing to help your appearance. Second, formal dresses can be expensive so why buy something that doesn’t flatter you? In order to know what colors work best on you, you need to know what skin tone you have. Skin tones can be broken up into seasons, so let’s figure out what season you are!

Spring – Those with a Spring skin tone often have golden blond, light brown or red hair. Their skin may contain freckles and often has a “rosy” glow. Eye color for those with Spring skin tones is generally hues of blue or blue-green. The colors that flatter these women the most include soft colors like pink, peach and yellow. Because this is considered a warm skin tone, warm colors like light browns and greens also work well.

Summer – In contrast to Spring, the Summer skin tone is a cool tone. Women with this skin tone usually are natural blondes and even some brunettes. The skin color is very light and the colors that look best are more muted, soft colors. Bright and powerful colors easily overpower the skin and make it looked washed out.

Autumn – The Autumn skin tone is another warm skin tone. Most often this describes women red or dark brown hair. Their skin has a golden tone to it and the eyes are usually shades of green or brown. Very warm and rich colors look best on these women. For instance, brown, purple, green, burnt orange, etc. bring out the best in women with this skin tone.

Winter – Winter toned women usually have some Asian or …

Fun Wedding Dress Myths

At KidsFormal.com, we like to have fun especially when brides are trying to plan their big day and get everyone (including the little ones) on the same page regarding their wedding attire. Therefore, we thought we would take a break from the more serious informative blog posts and share a few fun wedding dress myths. However, don’t take these seriously as there isn’t any proof that these are true!    Myth #1 – A Bride Shouldn’t Make Her Own Dress.  This myth states that for every stitch that a bride sews on her own wedding gown represents one tear that will be shed by her during the marriage. Myth #2 – Brides Shouldn’t Put All Their Bridal Wear On Before the Wedding. Basically, this wedding dress myth states that it is very bad luck for a bride to put her entire wedding day wardrobe (dress, veil, shoes, jewelry, slip, etc.) on, all at once, before the wedding day. The myth says that if this is done, the wedding will not take place. Myth #3 – Colored Wedding Gowns. This is myth is in the form of a poem and it goes like this:“If Married in Blue they said your lover is true. Married in Pink, Your fortunes will sink. Married in Green, You will not long be seen. Married in Red, You’ll wish you were dead. Married in Yellow, you are Ashamed of the fellow. Married in Brown, You’ll live out of town. Married in Grey, You’ll live far away. Married in Black, You’ll wish you were back.” The three wedding dress myths are meant for fun and should not be taken seriously. I’m sure you know someone who as broken one (or more) of these myths and have gone on to have long and happy marriages!…

Good Luck Traditions for Weddings

While we’re on the topic of weddings, we thought you might enjoy learning about some good luck traditions for weddings. After all, everyone could use some good luck every now and then!

Tradition #1 – The Ribbon Pull. This tradition goes back to the Victorian Era. The baker/creator of the wedding cake places two sterling silver hearts connected by a long string on each side of the cake (with the hearts showing) and bakes it in the cake. Before the cake is cut by the couple, the bridesmaids pull it through for good luck.

Tradition #2 – Wearing Horseshoes This is an old Welsh tradition in which it’s believed that if a bride wears a horseshoe with the ends up, her luck will never leave. It was made famous by Princess Diana as she wore an 18-carat gold horseshoe on her wedding day on the inside of her dress.

Tradition #3 – The Best Day to Marry. The English are a superstitious lot when it comes to getting married. They believe that the best day to get married is on Wednesday. However, if you are looking for a wealthy marriage, you should marry on Monday but if good health is what you’re after, marry on Tuesday. Whatever you do, do not get married on Saturday as this is supposedly the most unlucky day for weddings!

Tradition #4 – A Coin in Each Shoe. A popular good luck tradition in Sweden is for the bride to wear a coin in each shoe. A gold coin from her mother and a silver coin from her father. This is believed to ensure the girl never goes without.…

Newsletter #18

Kids Formal Launches New Line of Women’s Dresses

“Given the success and rapid growth that Kids Formal has experienced over the past two decades, the owners have decided to expand once again. This time, Kids Formal is expanding to Women’s Dresses. That’s right, now customers can enjoy the same high-quality materials and low prices on a large variety of women’s dresses just like they do on the children’s formal wear at Kids Formal!”…